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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Catch?

A: There is no catch! Nowadays, it is very important for any business to build long term relationship with a new and existing customers. To do it effectively, many companies are offering free things, samples, catalog and magazine subscriptions, products, complimentary gifts and more, just to attract more business. It's just a part of advertising.

Q: I found freebie on your web site, I applied for it and it hasn't come yet. When will I receive it?

A: To get specific information about the processing of the freebie, you will need to contact the web site or company where you applied for a freebie. We do not guarantee you will receive what you requested.

Q: Why do you put links to products on Amazon in most of the freebie posts on

A: We are doing that to show you prices of products that you can get for free on our blog. Just so you can compare random item's price that you would pay in a store to for how much you get something here.

Usually freebies are offered in limited supplies. We validate every link before we post it on Part of the challenge of getting freebies is being quick enough to apply for them before they run out.